Mixing Color at “The Market”

We are all familiar with that feeling you get when you walk into your local farmer’s market. You can imagine the vibrant colors of the rows of peppers, the soft greens of lettuce. Perhaps the scent of fresh cut greens and herbs and the friendly faces bring you back to when you were younger and food was simpler, closer to home. For the past three years, Jan Heaton has studied these subtleties, while creating her collection of over 150 paintings focusing on the smells, the colors, and the sounds of farmers markets.

Jan’s work adds another dimension to our beloved farmer’s markets. Through her work, viewers are hit with crisp, flowing lines and carefully chosen color. All of the vague sensations of the friendly markets and their fresh vegetables suddenly snap into focus when you see the intimate perspectives of Jan’s show The Market. Complete with sensitive repetition, a soft color palette, and arcing lines, Jan’s work frees the viewer to rediscover the comfort of food.

141773-Watermelon Radish 4 -22 x 22 Image, 28.25 x 28.25 Framed - $3250.

“Watermelon Radish 4” 22 x 22

151896 - Clementine 10 - 30 x 30 - $3000..jpg

“Clementine 10” 30 x 30

141768-Red Onion 6-22 x 22 -$2500. Unframed

“Red Onion 6″22 x 22

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